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Hi! I’m Cassie, otherwise known as The Adventure Bitch. Thanks for stopping by!

I like to describe myself as an adventurer, entrepreneur, photographer, and “financial badass”.

My friends know me as being the “deal queen” and always going off to somewhere new. I can’t help but blabber on about the newest finance related app I’ve found, or travel deal I’m planning on taking advantage of, which is why I decided to start this blog in the first place.

I currently make most of my living from being an Airbnb Superhost from the house I bought at 23, which allows me the freedom to travel whenever I want. It also lends itself to a lot of time not being dictated by a boss, which I use by spending hours each day researching new ways to save money (via cashback online deals, credit card promotional offers, other promotions, and etc.) and travel on the cheap.

I’m a Jill of All Trades if you will too. I’m a professional photographer, an aspiring actress signed with W-Talent here in Denver, and quite frankly always doing some new side hustle too.

In short, I want to make the most amount of money for the least amount of work, and then get myself to the next tropical paradise ASAP.

This is my blog to share with you my financial secrets of how I find deals/ways to save money on almost anything I purchase and use that money saved and other tricks to travel all over the world.

I’m here to help you achieve the same and inspire you to get out there. Follow my channels below and connect with me!


The Adventure Bitch 💕