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How and Why I Became a Homeowner at 23

I became a homeowner at 23-years-old. This is the story of how I pulled it off, with no savings. (Seriously.) How Becoming a Homeowner Even Became a Thought I had recently graduated from UT Austin, moved to Denver, and been in a ‘real job’ for 9 months. But I already wanted an out. The apartment lease I got myself into that was waaaaay too expensive (at a boujee downtown apartment), making me live paycheck to…

Thai Island

How I Flew to Thailand and Canada from the US for Under $600 (Round-Trip!)

The trip that started it all for me. Last year, I was in a desperate situation. I had just broken-up with my then “fiance” of four years, quit my cushy job as an IT Consultant, bought a house (I literally closed on my house the day my company let me go — more on those detials later!), and was just desperate to explore the world as I had recently been inspired by new friends. I…